Ballos Associates Ballos Associates is a sole proprietorship, woman-owned business operated by Kathleen Ballos and located at 102-B Lunenburg Road in West Townsend, Massachusetts. Kathleen Ballos President (Owner) Kathleen has been in the marketing industry, with an emphasis on computer technology for over 23 years.  In 1995, Kathleen resigned as vice president of a data-driven direct mail catalog and manufacturing company located in Westford, MA to pursue a long time goal as an entrepreneur. Kathleen has received various recognition throughout her career, including awards presented by W.R. Grace Corporation and McGraw-Hill Corporation, as well as letters of recommendation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Lincoln Laboratories, for ideas and contributions within a cutting-edge industry.  Mission To provide marketing management and advertising services that allow growth and opportunity and to do so at a fair and satisfying cost. To deliver quality services in a timely manner with a commitment to professionalism in all aspects of business activity. To share ideas, ideals & knowledge with others. To be the best that we can be in becoming a recognized leader within the web marketing industry. 
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